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Title 24 Short Explanation

    Title 24 Acceptance testing is required by California law.  In order to get an occupancy permit at the end of an electrical job, the lighting system must be tested by a certified individual.  This includes an onsite visit and creating/sending in documents to the state.  
    The California Building Standards Energy Code (Cal Code Reg. Tit. 24 Part 6) is commonly referred to by the name Title 24.  It was enacted to reduce energy use in California by requiring energy efficient equipment to be installed in all commercial and residential buildings.  In 2013 the code changed to require advanced lighting controls and the California Energy Commission mandated that all systems be tested for compliance with the new code.

Title 24 Long Explanation

    The Title 24 process starts with architects and engineers designing lighting systems to meet code, and showing code compliance on NRCC documents.  The NRCC documents inform building officials which installation documents and acceptance tests need to be performed.  The installation documents (who's headings start with NRCI) are filled out by the person responsible for the lighting installations and the acceptance tests and documentation (who's headings start with NRCA) are filled out by a certified Acceptance Test Technician.  
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